New Study Finds Sea Level Rise In 20th Century Was Fastest In Past 3,000 Years

A new study led by Rutgers University concerning sea level rise and global warming was released on Monday, and the news isn’t good.

Scientists found that waters rose faster throughout the 20th century than they had during any similar stretch of time in roughly 3,000 years. Global warming was found to have played a significant role. In fact, had it not occurred, there may have actually been sea level decrease. The study’s lead author also noted that while the 20th century rise was extraordinary in the context of the last 3 millennia, the rise over the last two decades has been even faster. In coming to their determinations, the team created a database consisting of thousands of years worth of related geological indicators from diverse locales. By assessing that data, they were able to established sea level patterns and determine how they relate to temperature.


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